C is for compassion, P is for patience, and R is for respect. 

Revive Your Parenting, C.P.R. for Parents┬« is a guide you can use to resuscitate your relationship with your children. 

Over my career, I have refined the C.P.R. philosophy and applied it successfully in many situations. 

Working with both children and adults, I have learned that we are all looking for compassion, patience, and respect.

These three basic components are at the core of basic human needs. Understanding their meaning, and learning how to incorporate the concepts behind C.P.R. into your interactions with your children, will help you to establish healthy and meaningful relationships with them. 

The relationships you have been longing for will start to develop. My hope is that by reading this book you will learn to apply these skills not only with your children but also in your relationships with others around you.  

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